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In Pictures: St Paul's revealed

St Paul's Cathedral

Previously unseen parts of St Paul's Cathedral are being opened up to the public thanks to a 250,000 funding boost from the World Monuments Fund and American Express.

View down the Nave at St Paul's

The west gallery presents a view of the cathedral's interior and is used by television crews at major state events but has only now been opened up to the public.

The spiral tower down the south west tower

Said to be the grandest in Britain this spiral cantilevered staircase brings people up to the south triforium level and was used in the Harry Potter films.

The Lapidarium houses stones rescued from the Great Fire

The recovered stones from the medieval cathedral, burned in the 1666 Great Fire of London, are stored in the Lapidarium.

The stones remained unseen by the public for years

Many of the beautifully cut and painted stones have until now been stored away from public view.

Wren's Great Model

Wren's early designs for St Paul's Cathedral were made into a 6m long model. Visitors will be able to experience Wren's vision by viewing its interior through a webcam.


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