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In pictures: Sydney sculptures

Australian sculptor Tim Kyle's fibreglass giant, I-See

More than 100 works of art are peppering the sea view at Sydney's Bondi Beach, as part of the annual Sculptures by the Sea event.

South African-born Marguerite Derricourts sculpture, Arboretum

Artists from 27 countries are taking part in the exhibition, now in its 11th year.

Thomas Kayser's Souvenir attracts the attention of visitors

Visitors may struggle to work out some exhibits, like this scuplture containing a digital print of the headland.

Wallaroo, a sculpture made from scrap metal by Nigel White

Some artists have relied on more traditional Australian imagery to make their point.

David Horton stands with his sculpture, Yesternight: Work In Progress

The A$30,000 (13,375) prize for best sculpture went to Sydney artist David Horton for his metal work, Yesternight.

A visitor inspects Carcutter, by Dillon McEwan

Over the next three weeks 500,000 art-lovers are expected to visit the event - where they will be treated to giant ants devouring cars, among other things.

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