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In pictures: Tabasco floods

People up to their chests in flood water

The Mexican state of Tabasco is suffering the worst flooding in more than 50 years after a week of heavy rain.

Flooded town of Villahermosa

Some 70% of the low-lying state, including the capital Villahermosa, is thought to be under water.

Rescuer carrying baby, watched by mother

More than one million people are believed to be affected by the floods, with some 300,000 people thought to be trapped in their homes.

People try to leave flooded areas of Villahermosa

Residents rushed to get to safety as swollen rivers burst their banks and Villahermosa's streets filled with water.

People evacuating in boats

The state's governor, Andres Granier, has urged anyone who owns a boat to help the rescue operation.

Emergency worker carrying child to helicopter

Emergency workers are also using helicopters to try to pluck people from rooftops.

A man rescues a parrot and two dogs from flood waters in Tabasco

Those who have fled have been carrying what they can. Here a couple ensure their two dogs and parrot are not left behind.

People stack sandbags in an attempt to stem the flow of water in Villahermosa

People have stacked sandbags in a desperate effort to stem the floodwaters.

Sand bags round ancient statue

Sandbags were also placed around several giant heads carved by the Olmecs, an ancient pre-Columbian people, at Tabasco's La Venta archaeological site.

A man waits in a boat in the flooded streets of Villahermosa

The federal government is sending more aid to Tabasco but, for some, the wait to be rescued continues.

Floodwaters swamp Mexican state
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