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California fires: More of your pictures

Seal Beach photo, Stanley Moss

You've been sending us more photos of the southern Californian wildfires. Stanley Moss could see the effects from his terrace at Seal Beach, Orange County, many miles away.

Photo by Danielle Garcia

Danielle Garcia: Felt like she was driving towards an "abyss of smoke" as she travelled the Ventura Freeway near Los Angeles.

Photo: Sherman Smith

Sherman Smith: "Paradise Hills, San Diego, a few miles from the Harris fire. We were mostly covered by smoke and ash but have not really been directly threatened by the fire itself."

Photo: Richard Engel

Richard Engel: The smoking hills in Castaic, northwest Los Angeles County, near where the fires originated.

Photo:  Richard Engel

Richard Engle: "This "Super Scooper" Quebec aircraft would scoop up water from Castaic Lake to fight the flames...

Photo: Richard Engel

...and this helicopter was hovering over nearby Castaic Lagoon and dropping its hose in to suck up water."

Photo:  Melissa Olveda

Melissa Olveda: An exhausted fire fighter takes a moment to rest.

Horses with owners' names.  Photo: Kay Taylor

Kay Taylor: "People and horses have been evacuated to a campsite in Chula Vista, near San Diego. These horses have been spray painted with their owners' names...

Horses that have phone number painted on their back.  Photo: Kay Taylor

...or their telephone numbers, to help the owners track them down if they had to leave...

Owners wait with their horses.  Photo: Kay Taylor

...but many owners have actually been able to stay with their precious animals."

Ash on windscreen.  Photo: Kay Taylor.

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