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In pictures: Banksy auction

"Heavy Weaponry"

A record number of original works by Banksy are to be put up for auction at Bonham's in London.

"Avon and Somerset Constabulary"

Some of the artist's early work will be on sale, including this piece, Avon and Somerset Constabulary - expected to fetch up to 80,000.

"Horse on Steel"

The collection contains mostly spray-paint stencils and the works are painted on a selection of canvas, board and metal.

"Di Faced Tenners"

This controversial screen print consists of a series of 10 notes where the Queen's head has been replaced by the head of Princess Diana.

"Lenin on Roller-skates (Who Put The Revolution On Ice?)"

Another highlight of the auction is the controversial work Lenin on Roller-skates (Who Put The Revolution On Ice?) depicting the Russian revolutionary.

"Precision Bombing"

Banksy, who remains secretive about his work, is no stranger to controversy and has gained a reputation for trying to outwit the authorities.

"Untitled, Rat and Sword"

It is estimated that the 10 original works could fetch up to 300,000 in total.

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