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In pictures: Karachi bombs

Blast scene in Karachi

Scores were killed as two bomb blasts ripped through crowds who had gathered in Karachi to welcome home former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Aftermath of bomb in Karachi

Witnesses described a "hellish" scene in the aftermath the bombings that targeted a truck carrying Ms Bhutto.

Police remove people injured in the blast

There was carnage and confusion after the blasts as police struggled to move the dead and injured from the streets. Everywhere the wounded cried out for help.

Wounded boy in hospital

The injured - including children - were ferried to hospitals by whatever means possible. Some were simply carried in for treatment.

Bomb victims comfort each other in hospital

For supporters of Ms Bhutto's Pakistan Peoples' Party, the day started with joy over her homecoming, but turned to horror as the scale of the atrocity unfolded.

Benazir Bhutto

Ms Bhutto escaped unhurt after the blasts and was quickly taken from the scene.

Aftermath of bomb attacks on truck carrying Benazir Bhutto

Critics say there was not enough security, and that combined with the fact her convoy was barely able to move because of large crowds made it easier for attackers to strike.

Ms Bhutto on board the truck earlier on Thursday

Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of thousands lined the streets to welcome Ms Bhutto back from self-imposed exile. She chose not to use a bullet-proof screen provided for her.

Miss Bhutto waving to supporters before the blast

Questions are being asked about the wisdom of her much-publicised journey from Karachi airport to the shrine of Pakistan's founding father, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

A torn poster of Benazir Bhutto

A torn poster of Ms Bhutto symbolises a day that ended in destruction.

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