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In pictures: Turner Prize show

Mark Wallinger's Sleeper

Four artists are vying for 2007's coveted Turner Prize. This is Mark Wallinger's Sleeper - a recording of 10 nights he spent alone in Berlin's Neue Nationalgalerie dressed in a bear suit.

Mark Wallinger

Mark Wallinger is being tipped as a favourite to win. The annual Turner Prize exhibition is being held at Tate Liverpool instead of Tate Britain for the first time.

Mike Nelson's Amnesiac Shrine

Mike Nelson's newly-created work is a called Amnesiac Shrine and consists of three chambers. The second of these invites the visitor to look through a hole into a mirrored cube.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson is an installation artist whose works have been compared to labyrinths. Like Wallinger, he has been nominated for the Turner Prize once before.

Nathan Coley's House

Nathan Coley's Hope and Glory 2007 has been made especially for the exhibition. Much of his art explores the way social and political values can be expressed by the built environment.

Nathan Coley

Nathan Coley is another installation artist. He is being judged on new and previously seen works.

Nathan Coley's There Will Be No Miracles Here

Another Coley work in the show is an illuminated sculpture which examines the themes of politics and religion, which was previously exhibited at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute.

Zarina Bhimji

Zarina Bhimji is showing a new series of photos and a film of her recent trips to India, Zanibar and East Africa, which examine the countries' interwoven histories.

Zarina Bhimji

Zarina Bhimji was nominated for her photos of Uganda which she said showed the pain still felt by the country's people following the brutal dictatorship of Idi Amin.

Zarina Bhimji's Illegal Sleep

Like Bhimji's pictures of Uganda, her new works - such as Illegal Sleep - are often simple yet emotive. The Turner Prize winner willl be announced on 3 December.

Mark Wallinger wins Turner Prize
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