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In pictures: London Tattoo Convention

People queuing for the convention

The third International London Tattoo Convention attracted thousands of fans

Man having elaborate fish tattooed on shoulder

Some aficionados build up their tattoos in piecemeal fashion, some by starting one big project

Woman has sketch done for tattoo

Artists often start by drawing or tracing an outline in pen

Woman during early stages of leg tattoo

Larger and technically advanced work usually requires a number of sessions to complete

Tattoo gun

Equipment was once homemade, now it is supplied commercially by specialists

Woman receives inking on a tattoo of a dragon

The process causes pain in varying amounts depending on the location

An outline is filled in with colour

A project might start with an outline with colour being added in subsequent sessions

Finished section of dragon

Some can take many weeks of work

Men with Japanese-style tattoos

Japan has been a massive influence on Western tattoos with dragons and carp popular

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