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More of your Che Guevara pictures

Che poster

You sent more of your pictures of Che imagery to mark 40 years since his death. Che's global and commercial appeal is evident in Monica Getahun's photo from Marseille, France.

Che socks

Eric Hopkins from Maine, USA, shows off his Che cycling socks.

Che tattoo

Some opt for a more permanent memento of the revolutionary, as Richard Bunce's picture shows.

Che and Bob Marley

"Che and Bob Marley in the guest room at my home in Brussels." (Pic: Hero Scott)

Che t-shirt in Beijing

The market for Che memorabilia stretches far and wide, as Siegfried Ehrmann found, from Beijing...

Che t-shirt in La Isla de Providencia, Colombia (Pic: Siegfried Ehrmann)

...to La Isla de Providencia, Colombia. (Pic: Siegfried Ehrmann)

Che mural and car in Cuba

Laurence Ranson calls this image "Cuba in a nutshell".

Che image

Laurence Ranson also captured this image of Che in Baracoa, Cuba.

Che Mural in LA

Luis T spotted this mural in East Los Angeles, California, USA.

Che wall-painting in Kerala, India

Brittany Gleixner Hayat captured Che's image in Cochin, Kerala, India.

Men dressed as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara

Sean Lyngaas' photo shows "Fidel Castro and Che enjoying a moment at a party".

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