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Commuting: more of your pictures

Photo sent in by Nick Hopkins

A second gallery of readers' photos. Follow the right-hand link to see the first and a short film made up of content entirely by you. This one from India was sent in by Nick Hopkins.

Photo sent in by Holly O'Sullivan.

As the sun begins to set, locals start their journey home from work across the Dubai Creek. Picture sent in by Holly O'Sullivan.

Photo sent in by Sandesh D'Souza

Sandesh D'Souza sent in this picture during a visit to his parents' and says: "This is how people commute daily to work in the outskirts of Bangalore, India."

Photo sent in by Daniel Purkis

Daniel Purkis took this photo during a train journey from Jabalpur to Varanasi: "I didn't book tickets so had to go on general seating. The journey was a bit painful but very fun!"

Photo sent in by A M Wasiq Faisal

A rickshaw-puller, after a long tiring day, taking rest under the shed of a tree on a road of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo sent in by A M Wasiq Faisal.

Photo sent in by Megan Petock

"Many vehicles carry too many people or too much cargo," says Megan Petock who sent in this picture from Liberia.

Photo sent in by Pittrapim Arora

Pittrapim Arora sent in this photo of a tuk-tuk, a popular mode of transport in cities like Bangkok where traffic congestion is a major problem.

Photo sent in by Pittrapim Arora

Pittrapim Arora is so fed-up of her Bangkok commute she is moving into town nearer the skytrain. Send your images to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk. For terms, see right hand side.

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