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In pictures: Images of Che

Alberto Korda poses with his famous 1960 portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara

Alberto Korda's photograph, which captures the essence of Che Guevara, hung for years in his studio before becoming the iconic image of the rebel fighter.

A drawing of Che Guevara, printed on silver board (Image courtesy of Jim Fitzpatrick)

Irish artist and photographer Jim Fitzpatrick helped disseminate the image. Early versions include this 'psychedelic Che', painted on silver foil board. (Image: Jim Fitzpatrick)

A vast image of Che Guevara made from steel in Havana's Revolution Square

A vast version of the image, reduced to steel outlines, hangs in Havana's Revolution Square.

Image of Christ based on Che Guevara. Image courtesy of Churches Advertising Network

For some, Che inspires an almost religious devotion, a fact seized upon by those seeking to promote faith. (Image: Churches Advertising Network)

A promotional cover for Madonna's album 'American Life' (courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Madonna is one of those who have capitalised on Che's radical chic, adapting the image for an album cover. (Image: Warner Bros.)

A hybrid image of Che Guevara and Elvis (image courtesy of Paul Bellchamber)

The image is so well-known that it can be modified and messed around with, while remaining instantly recognisable.

Soldiers in Venezuela walk past a mural of Che Guevara

In many parts of Latin America - here, Venezuela - the image retains its political symbolism.

A packet of 'El Che' cigarettes on sale in Lima, Peru

But even in Peru, a canny cigarette company has fashioned cigarettes with Che's image.

Top model Gisele Bundchen wears a bikini with the image of revolutionary leader Ernesto Che Guevara in Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Its use on a bikini, regardless of who was wearing it, angered Guevara's relatives who said it trivialised his memory.

Che: The icon and the ad
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