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In Pictures: Mike Read's Choc-art

It Takes Allsorts To Make A World

DJ Mike Read has created an exhibition of artwork made entirely from sweets confectionery. This map of the world is made from liquorice sweets.

Abbey Road

The iconic Beatles' album cover Abbey Road, recreated in liquorice, chocolate sticks and various coloured sweets.

Liquorice Men and Liquorice Cats and Dogs - Blackpool

This image revisits a recently re-discovered painting by LS Lowry, which depicts Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Sgt Pepper's Chocolate Hearts Club

Read's version of Beatles' album sleeve Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band includes original designer, Peter Blake, who said he regretted not starring in the original line-up.

Wrappers Queuing for X Factor

Read recreates the queues of hopefuls lined up to audition for ITV1 talent show X-Factor. The picture shows one panel from a triptych.

Choc Around the Clock

This work is titled Choc Around the Clock. Read unveils his works at the Karen Taylor Contemporary Art Gallery in Twickenham on 5 October.

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