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Last Updated: Sunday, 30 September 2007, 11:11 GMT 12:11 UK
In pictures: Burma crackdown

Soldiers block Rangoon street

There is a heavy military presence on the streets of Burma's main city, Rangoon, following recent protests. (The following pictures were taken on Saturday.)

Truck full of soldiers

The military government has progressively sent in reinforcements to quash the pro-democracy demonstrations.

Demonstrators and soldiers

The number of protesters is well down as the military crackdown begins to bite.

Monks watch armed police officer

Buddhist monks, once in the vanguard of the protests, have been sidelined by large-scale arrests.

Roadblock on Rangoon street

Roadblocks across the city appear to have effectively curtailed mass gatherings.

Anti-opposition message on state TV

State TV has been broadcasting statements condemning leaders of the opposition.

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