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In pictures: letter bomb attacks

Swansea letter bomb scene

The DVLA's main centre in Swansea received one of seven letter bombs sent by Miles Cooper. It injured four people.

Injuries sustained by Karen Andrews

Karen Andrews, working in the DVLA post room, suffered cuts to her hands and body. Five of the devices sent by Cooper exploded.

Injuries sustained by Michael Wingfield

One of the bombs injured Michael Wingfield, who ran a security firm. It had been sent to his home in Folkestone, Kent. Mr Wingfield's wife Rosemary was also hurt.

Remains of the device sent to Orchid Cellmark

Orchid Cellmark, which processes DNA samples, received a device in an envelope on 18 January. Michelle Evans, a pregnant receptionist, suffered a minor injury to her hand.

Device sent to Forensic Science Service

A similar package was sent to the Forensic Science Service, a government-owned company which provides scientific services to the police. It was intercepted.

Remains of the device sent to LGC Forensics

A bomb arrived at LGC Forensics in Culham, near Abingdon, on 18 January. It was also intercepted and did not explode.

Miles Cooper

School caretaker Cooper, 27, from Cambridge, was given an indeterminate jail term on 28 September for the bombing campaign.

Partially manufactured device found at the house of Miles Cooper

Police found what was described as a 'bomb factory' at the home Cooper shared with his mother and sister in Cherry Hinton. Three devices were prepared and addressed.

Alarm clock adapted as a timer, found in the house of Miles Cooper

Police also found a children's alarm clock in Cooper's home, adapted as a timer for a bomb. Fireworks, matches and bomb-making equipment were also found.

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