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In pictures: Burma protests

Buddhist monks pray at a riot police road block in central Rangoon (photo supplied by the Mandalay Gazette)

Confrontations between Burmese security forces and anti-government protesters have continued for a 10th day.

Protesters' sandals are scattered on the ground in front of soldiers in central Rangoon (photo supplied by the Mandalay Gazette)

Nine people including a Japanese journalist were killed amid the crackdown, state television reported.

Burmese soldiers gather in Rangoon (AP/Mandalay Gazette)

The sound of gunfire and tear gas grenades could be heard across the main city of Rangoon, reinforcing the junta's threats of "serious action".

Armed troops line up across a street in Rangoon (AFP/Mandalay Gazette)

Riot police formed human walls to prevent the protesters from marching through the city...

A man walks past a police blockade in central Rangoon (photo supplied by the Mandalay Gazette)

... and barbed wire barricades were set up around flashpoints, such as Shwedagon Pagoda and the city hall.

Buddhist monks and civilians march in Rangoon (AP/Mizzima News)

There were fewer monks on the streets - as many have been arrested - but there were large numbers of civilians instead, witnesses said.

Remains of broken glass litter the pavement after security forces stormed a monastery in the eastern part of Rangoon

During the night, Burmese troops stormed six monasteries, smashing windows and doors and beating monks.

Raided monastery in Rangoon (picture supplied by MoeMaka Media internet blog to the BBC)

Some monks escaped, but several hundred were taken away in military trucks.

Protesters gather in the streets of central Rangoon (picture supplied by MoeMaka Media internet blog)

None of this deterred thousands of people from pouring onto the streets shouting their defiance at the security forces.

Broken glass litters the floor of a monastery in the eastern part of Rangoon raided by security forces

Correspondents say the violence is not yet on the scale of the 1988 uprising but there will surely be more confrontations with a people enraged by the bloodshed they have witnessed.

Nine killed in Burmese crackdown
27 Sep 07 |  Asia-Pacific

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