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Your pictures: Floods in Uganda

Lorry crossing Aswa River [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

Ugandan Hudson Apunyo, a listener of the BBC's Focus on Africa programme, took these photos to show how the floods have devastated Lira district in northern Uganda.

People walking over flooded Aswa bridge [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

African countries from the Atlantic to the Red Sea are suffering the affects of the worst floods in decades. Uganda is one of the worst hit countries.

Aswa bridge under water [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

North-eastern Uganda has received its heaviest rainfall in three decades. This devastation makes life even harder now for people in the north who have suffered 20 years of war.

Flooded Aswa bridge [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

Uganda's government has declared it a national emergency, but it will be several days before parliament can legally approve the measure and divert funding.

Man carrying a woman and a bucket crossing Aswa River [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

The World Food Programme has launched an $60m appeal for food aid to Uganda alone, where it estimates 1.7 m people will go hungry.

People in a dugout canoe on River Moroto [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

Hudson Apunyo says that relief has not yet reached Lira district. He travelled out of Lira Town to areas along Aswa River and Moroto River.

People pushing bicycles through the flooded River Moroto [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

Humanitarian workers are reportedly trying desperately to reach villages that have been cut off by water.

People carrying bundles of their belongings on their heads crossing River Moroto [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

Meanwhile people have tried to salvage as many of their belongings as they can.

Flooded field in Abebijo village in Moroto county near River Moroto [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

But many have lost their homes and their crops to the floods. A police spokesman has confirmed that the floods in Uganda have killed 21 people since August.

People walking through flooded river in Awali, nine km from River Moroto [Pic: Hudson Apunyo]

The floods have affected 17 African countries. It is estimated that 1.5m people are directly affected and of those, 600,000 people are homeless. At least 200 people have lost their lives.

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