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In pictures: West Bank Oktoberfest

Taybeh beer (Photo: Martin Asser)

Taybeh is the only beer brewed in the Palestinian territories and its makers claim it is "the Finest in the Middle East".

Nadim Khoury (Photo: Martin Asser)

American-Palestinian Nadim Khoury is the driving force of Taybeh beer. He oversees every drop which comes out of the small family-run brewery.

Performance (Photo: Martin Asser)

Thousands gathered to watch folklore and contemporary performances, sheltered from the bright sunlight by huge awnings.

Taybeh beer festival (Photo: Martin Asser)

Many festival goers were less interested in the music and more in the chance to enjoy an enjoyable drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Taybeh barmaids (Photo: Martin Asser)

The beer flowed almost as quickly as the bar staff could fill the glasses with Gold, Amber and Dark Taybeh.

Traditional Palestinian dancers (Photo: Martin Asser)

Though Taybeh is a Christian village, many of the visitors and performers were Muslims. They could enjoy the cultural experience, if not the beer.

Nadim and guest (Photo: Martin Asser)

Nadim Khoury was the epitome of a generous Arab host and many a glass was topped up without charge.

Taybeh beer bottles (Photo: Martin Asser)

Taybeh beer comes in a variety of different guises, from Dark to Gold, with a green-labelled non-alcoholic version in development.

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