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In pictures: Felix aftermath

Destroyed homes and scattered trees in Sandy Bay, Nicaragua, where Felix made landfall

Hurricane Felix cut a swathe through Nicaragua's low-lying Caribbean coast, leaving dozens dead and dozens more missing.

Residents of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua amid the remnants of their home

Felix came ashore Tuesday as a category five hurricane - the highest level - destroying thousands of flimsy homes.

A woman stands on a fallen tree in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

Once the hurricane had passed, people began venturing out to survey the damage.

People await news of missing fishermen in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua

Fishing communities of Miskito Indians, many of whom refused to flee before Felix hit, were particularly badly affected. About 150,000 Miskito Indians live in the region.

Damaged Miskito houses

In Nicaragua, up to 9,000 homes were destroyed and as many as 50,000 people were displaced by the hurricane.

A man carries a child in floods in San Pedro Sula, north-eastern Honduras

The storm also struck Honduras, causing the authorities to move some 20,000 from areas most at risk of flooding.

Nicaragua's President, Daniel Ortega during a news conference on 4 September 2007

The Nicaraguan government, which declared a major alert before the hurricane hit, has now launched an aid operation and has called for outside help.

Honduran soldiers loading a plane

Supplies, including corrugated iron roofs, have been sent to victims of the disaster. But many villages remain cut off by the storm.

People shelter under an umbrella in a flooded street

Across Central America, the remnants of Felix caused torrential downpours and threatened dangerous flooding.

Children play in a flooded football field in San Pedro Sula, Honduras

But despite the devastation, some were able to make the best of the situation.

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