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In pictures: Big Brother 8 final

Big Brother winner Brian

Brian Belo has triumphed in this year's Big Brother, winning 60% of the votes for the final two places.

Big Brother 8 housemates

Most of the 23 contestants who have passed through the Big Brother house in the past 13 weeks gathered for the final.

Ziggy and Chanelle

Ziggy and Chanelle were reunited after he came fourth, and the pair suggested they would resurrect their relationship.

Big Brother contestant Charley

Charley was one of the most controversial - and entertaining - people to have taken part in the UK's eighth Big Brother.

Big Brother winner Brian on screen behind twins Sam and Amanda

Twins Sam and Amanda had been the bookmakers' favourites to win - but ended up as joint runners-up.

Big Brother contestant Liam

Liam took third place - but had already won 100,000 in a surprise prize award earlier in the series.

Big Brother contestant Carole

Carole also survived to the final week, eventually finishing in fifth place, just ahead of Jonty.

Big Brother contestants Jonty and Carole on stage with host Davina McCall

Jonty, who entered the house with his teddy bears, said he was pleased he had been accepted in the house.

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