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In pictures: CAR's forgotten crisis

Girl in northern CAR 3km from Boutouli village (August 2007)

This girl and her family are hiding in the bush from military and rebels in northern Central African Republic. Without access to basic amenities, basins are left out to collect rain water.

Children in northern CAR 3km from Boutouli village (August 2007)

They escaped from an attack by government forces on Boutouli village in early February 2006. Some 200,000 people have been displaced. They live in fear of hearing a vehicle.

APRD rebel in northern CAR (August 2007)

Rebel attacks on towns in the north-west are usually followed by brutal retaliations on civilians in villages as the government accuses them of supporting the rebels.

Young rebels from the APRD group near Zara village, off the road from Paoua to Bozum (August 2007)

These APRD rebels, who carry old rifles, are pictured near Zara village. Most villages in the region have been abandoned or burnt out.

A young rebel in near Zara village, off the road from Paoua to Bozum (August 2007)

Some of the youth enrolled with the group are as young as 12 years old. The APRD seem to have no coherent political agenda, but say they want peace for CAR's citizens.

Displaced children in northern CAR at a bush school (August 2007)

These children attend a bush school set up in June. They escaped attacks on their village of Benankouna earlier this year. More remote areas are beyond the help of aid workers.

A bush school for displaced children in northern CAR (August 2007)

The UN refugee agency says the situation in northern CAR is a "forgotten crisis" overshadowed by problems in neighbouring Chad and Sudan. (Pictures by UNHCR's Helene Caux)

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