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In pictures: Peru quake aftermath

Soldier at a phonebox amid rubble, Pisco 18/08/07

The areas of southern Peru worst affected by the earthquake have been reduced to rubble.

Man sleeps in street, Pisco 18/08/07

Many have been left homeless, while the fear created by aftershocks is keeping many more outside.

Aid truck surrounded, Pisco 18/08/07

Food and water is short, so aid deliveries often result in chaotic scenes.

People demanding aid, Pisco 18/08/07

The government has urged people to remain calm, saying no-one will die of thirst or hunger.

Searching for a relative's body, Pisco 18/08/07

People have been searching for their relatives among the hundreds of bodies that have now been recovered.

Woman cries after finding relative's body, Pisco 18/08/07

With few survivors now being found, most searches for relatives end in grief.

Family carry coffin of relative, Pisco 18/08/07

Burying the dead has become a priority for many people.

President Alan Garcia holds Rafael Jesus, a baby born after the earthquake at an improvised hospital in Pisco

Amid the tragedy, a new life was welcomed into the world by Peru's President Alan Garcia as he toured the earthquake zone.

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