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In pictures: Hurricane Dean

Hurricane Dean seen from the Space Shuttle Endeavour

Hurricane Dean is passing close to Jamaica, pushing winds of 240km/h (150mph). Here the storm is seen from the space shuttle Endeavour.

Trees bending in wind on Kingston sea front

The eye of the storm passed some miles out to sea, but nonetheless the island's south coast has taken a battering.

A family waits in a hurricane shelter for Dean's arrival - 19/08/07

Before the hurricane arrived, some Jamaicans were evacuated from low-lying areas into special shelters.

Woman waiting alone in Jamaica shelter

However, very few people are reported to have moved to local schools where shelters had been set up.

A father and son handle plywood for boarding up their house in Kingston, Jamaica, on 18 August

Before the storm arrived some boarded up their homes with plywood in the hope of reducing the storm's impact.

People line up in Kingston, Jamaica, to buy in kerosene on 17 August

For days the islanders queued to buy kerosene...

Man loads bottled water into his van in Kingston, Jamaica, on 17 August

...and bottled water was also in demand.

Residents and tourists wait for their flights at the international airport in Georgetown, Cayman

Residents and tourists in the Cayman Islands, where the hurricane is predicted to go next, have been evacuated through the international airport in Georgetown.

Waves whip the shore in Roseau, Dominica, after the hurricane passes on 17 August

The island of Dominica was among the first to be hit as hurricane winds whipped up the sea.

Banana plantation destroyed in Martinique

The hurricane has wreaked havoc, destroying banana plantations like this one in the French territory of Martinique.

US emergencies official Gil H Jamieson at a hurricane planning meeting in Jackson, Mississippi, 17 August

Mindful of the 2005 Katrina disaster, the US is also making plans while hoping Dean will blow itself out.

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