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In pictures: Heathrow protest

The Camp for Climate Action 2007 at Heathrow Airport

People opposed to a proposed new runway at Heathrow Airport have set up a camp to highlight air travel's contribution to climate change.

Protestors setting up the camp, which officially begins on Tuesday

Supporters of the week-long Camp for Climate Action have occupied land between the M4 motorway and the airport's northern perimeter.

Campaigners establishing the camp

Up to 2,000 people are expected to attend the camp, due to culminate in a day of "mass direct action" on Sunday.

Officers from Surrey police, Thames Valley police, the Met, and British Transport Police will oversee the event

Up to 1,800 police officers will be on duty during the protest.

A police officer inspects the site on Monday morning at the landowner's request

Twenty-five police officers inspected the camp on Monday, with four remaining on the site.

About 250 protestors set up camp early

Airport operator BAA has warned protesters it will not tolerate any attempts to disrupt passenger flights.

A police officer talks to one of the protestors

Protest organisers said their aim was not to disrupt people's travel plans, but to start a debate about airport-linked environment damage.

Protestors occupy land near the perimeter of the airport

Organisers plan to run workshops for the first few days of the camp, which officially begins on Tuesday.

A plane takes off from one of Heathrow's two runways

A fifth terminal is scheduled to open at the airport in March 2008, and the government has proposed a new runway there for about 2020.

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