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Fat cats: More of your pictures


A second gallery of readers' pictures. Follow the link on the right to see the first. "Tommy here is so fat that he has to prop himself up against doors," says his owner, Tom Wilsher.

Shoto, the yoga loving cat

Steph Todd: "My cat Shoto's favourite form of exercise at the minute seems to be yoga - anything else is just too tiring!"

Bungle and Dunny

Oz Dean who sent in this picture of Bumgle and Dunny points out the "specially reinforced wooden board made for the fatties!"

Hakeem Wallace

"Hakeem Wallace used to weigh 30 pounds, but has lost about 7 pounds by dieting. He does not appreciate the diet and tries to make my life miserable!" says owner Deb Ellis from the US.

Mr P

Mr P is getting food from neighbours. Plea from John Gregson, Mr P's owner: "If you recognise him; STOP FEEDING HIM!!!"

Stipe and Bella

Laura Escdiva: "Stipe on the left is a typical stubborn Taurean. Hobbies include eating, meowing, more eating and sulking."


Julian Alison sent in this picture of William who is "very active, although lacks jumping capabilities due to bulk. Can't diet, won't diet!"


Geoff Penn sent in this picture of his overweight cat Pippa. He says: "I hope she fits the bill, because she almost doesn't fit the cat flap!!"


Webster is on a strict obesity management diet. His food is tightly rationed but he still refuses to lose any more weight. Picture sent in by Dave and Ausra Landey.


This is Rosie who died from diabetes. Helen Cupchunas, her owner warns cat lovers: "Prevention is better than cure when it comes to diabetes - less heartache and expensive vet bills."


Not the most sympathetic of angles! says Hannah Parkinson of her cat, Tess.

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