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In pictures: Foot-and-mouth

Slaughtermen leave a field in Surrey

Farm workers leave carrying their rifles over their shoulders following the slaughter of a herd of cattle.

Roger Pride

Farmer Roger Pride attended a press conference in Guildford after his entire herd of cattle were culled.

Deserted cattle market

Cattle market worker Edward Hargreeves disinfects Hexham Cattle Market, in Northumberland, which has been left deserted by the ban on moving livestock.

Cows in a field

Cattle in a field within a surveillance zone set up following the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease on a nearby farm.

A dead cow

A dead cow is moved into a lorry in Normandy, Surrey.

Policewoman being disinfected

A Police woman is disinfected in a field in Normandy, Surrey. Residents voiced anger that footpaths had initially remained open despite the ban on cattle movement.

John Gunner

All 102 of farmer John Gunner's Charolais and Sussex cows were culled after his farm became the second site to register positive for foot-and-mouth disease.

Sign for the Pirbright complex

The strain of foot-and-mouth disease used at the Pirbright laboratory complex in Surrey is identical to that found on a nearby farm.

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