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Fat cats: Your pictures

Overweight cat, Squinty

Overweight cats are likely to suffer from diabetes, according to a report. Squinty was a stray on a Newport estate before owner, Miki Burgess rescued him - but he still likes a drink!

Amber has a much thinner, non, diabetic twin sister called Jasmin

Amber is 12 and has been diabetic for three years. Tracy Stuart, her owner, says Amber is a very friendly cat who never "complains" about her injections.

It's a constant fight to stop Katie's cat from eating everything

Katie Klaassen: "My cat is a neutered male, who likes nothing better than sleeping and eating. He's fond of doughnuts but will have a gnaw on pretty much anything!"

A lilac Burmese, his pedigree name was 'Kaemm Bonzo' but known as 'Lenny'

Bonita Morris: "Our Burmese cat, Lenny, died recently aged 15 after suffering from diabetes for the last five years. As you can see, he was neither inactive nor overweight!"

Gladstone celebrated his 15th birthday with his final jab says owner, Jack Tait

Jack Tait sent in this picture of Gladstone who was diagnosed as being severely diabetic in 2005 and is now in remission after receiving daily insulin injections.

Picture of Emily the cat from Matthew Clayton-Stead, York.

Matthew sent in this picture of his parents' cat Emily stalking some prey. Sadly, numerous "spare tyres" mean she is unlikely to catch any dinner.

Adam's cat 'Mini'

Mini the cat doesn't quite live up to his name. Owner Adam said Mini has had diabetes since 2002 and is now too fat and too lazy to go out.

Indy has always been a big cat

Indy has always been a big cat, according to Trevor Proctor who sent in this picture. Indy suffers from a digestive problem and can only eat dried food.

Katie Law sent in this picture of her cat Boots.

Katie's cat Boots used to visit the neighbours for snacks between meals before she became too fat to do anything but sunbathe in the garden.

Geoffrey is an ex-street cat and diabetic

Candace Matthews: "Geoffrey has regular blood glucose tests at home."


Hamish Williams: "Chota may have more problems than his weight!"

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