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In pictures: Bangladesh floods

Relief supplies being handed out in Sirajganj. Pics: Abdullah al-Muyid

People in the flood-hit Bangladeshi town of Sirajganj have become so desperate for relief that scuffles start when boats carrying aid arrive. (Sirajganj pictures by Abdullah al-Muyid)

School in Sirajganj

This school is now a shelter for people displaced by floods. People are living here without clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Schools in the area have been closed indefinitely.

Woman cooking in Sirajganj

The floods have not only brought fears of disease and water shortages, they have also made even basic things like cooking and sleeping very difficult.

Women in Sirajganj

The floods have not defeated everyone though: these women are returning to their submerged village after collecting relief through a savings scheme they recently established.

Bangladeshi army distributing water in Sirajganj

The army is at the forefront of the relief effort, along with local and international non-governmental organisations. The priority is making sure everyone has access to clean water.

Shahidul and China Beghum and their family by the roadside

Parents make a shelter for their two young daughters - both under six-years-old. None of the girls has dry clothes. They like others have been forced to move to the roadside.

Family on roof in Sirajganj

Families not wanting to leave their homes often decide to seek sanctuary on the roofs of their houses. But they have to be on their guard against poisonous snakes.

Flooding in Faridpur. Pic: Focusbangla

Aid agencies say that thousands of people - such as these women in Faridpur - are now living in temporary shelters and are dependent on food aid (Faridpur pictures by Focusbangla).

Flooding in Faridpur

The main problem for relief is accessibility, because many roads, as here in Faridpur, have been washed away, making them treacherous for vehicles and pedestrians alike.

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