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In pictures: Minneapolis bridge

Aerial view of the collapsed I-35W bridge over the Mississippi river

A day after the I-35W highway bridge collapsed in the US city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, rescue operations shifted to focus on recovery.

Minnesota state troopers climb on to the remains of the I-35W bridge

Minnesota state troopers joined emergency workers at the scene as police said they expected the death toll to rise.

Local residents view the damage after the bridge collapsed

Local residents gathered to see the extent of the damage.

Cars rest on a section of the I-35W highway bridge a day after it collapsed

Cars were still perched precariously on various sections of the bridge as police said the recovery effort would be a long, slow process.

Two onlookers survey the damaged bridge in Minneapolis

Two onlookers survey the damage around the site of the collapse. AP Photo/Pioneer Press, Sherri LaRose-Chiglo

Morning rush-hour traffic is diverted near downtown Minneapolis after the bridge collapse

Morning rush-hour traffic into downtown Minneapolis was diverted after the incident.

A recovery worker walks past cars piled up on the remains of the I-35W highway bridge

Cars were thrown on top of each other by the force of the bridge collapse. Investigators are treating the area as a crime scene until they determine a cause for the collapse.

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