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In pictures: Islamabad bomb

A blood-covered police officer is helped by colleagues

Police officers were believed to be the target of a bomb which left at least 13 people dead in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

Rescuers carry an injured man from the destroyed building

Dozens of people were injured in the explosion, in a restaurant/hotel near the controversial Red Mosque.

Officers sift through broken glass

Police officers were quickly on the scene, scouring the blast site for evidence.

People gathered at the blast site

Rescuers scrambled to find survivors in the wreckage of the destroyed building.

Students show emotion at the scene of the siege

Earlier, students had returned to the mosque - where, in early July, a stand-off with troops ended in a bloody climax - and remembered those who died there.

Students chanting at Islamabad's Red Mosque

Some of the students were vocal in their demands to reinstate the mosque's surviving pro-Taleban cleric, Abdul Aziz.

Students paint "Red Mosque" on the building's dome

Hundreds gathered as protesters daubed graffiti and red paint on the dome of the mosque, which authorities had repainted in pale colours.

A youth throws a brick at a police vehicle

The demonstrations turned to clashes with police. Soon after the unrest was subdued with tear gas, the calm was shattered again by the bomb blast.

'Eleven dead' in Red Mosque blast
27 Jul 07 |  South Asia

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