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Your pictures: Oxfordshire flooding

Picture sent in by Nick Thorn

BBC News website readers have been sending us their pictures of the floods in Oxfordshire. A rather ironic sign at Botley Park, Oxford. Photo: Nick Thorn

Picture sent in by James Bartosik

Other residents in the area have also been affected by the floods. Photo: James Bartosik

Picture sent in by Chris Smith

The residents of Kings Sutton on the border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire survey the flood waters. Photo: Chris Smith

Picture sent in by Chris Smith

Passengers at Banbury Station will have to wait a while for the next train. Photo: Chris Smith

Picture sent in by Chris Smith

Chris Smith: "According to the latest news from the Environment Agency the Thames in Oxford is due to peak on Tuesday morning."

Picture sent in by Dave Lansley

Firemen carry a resident of Witney to safety. Photo: Dave Lansley

Picture sent in by Bill Wicker

There is no danger of anyone playing any golf near the health centre on Botley Road, Oxford. Photo: Bill Wicker

Picture sent in by Jenny Swainston

Jenny Swainston: "The Thames is still rising. Effectively, all the main towns and villages are now islands of slightly higher ground, the rest is claimed by the river."

Picture sent in by Jessica Rodgerson

The residents of Abingdon have also been badly hit by the floods. Photo: Jess Rodgerson

Picture sent in by Steve

Customers at The Swan in Islip look on as canoeists make the most of the flood water. Photo: Steve

Picture sent in by Lindsay

Submerged cars in Witney. Photo: Lindsay. Send images to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk. For terms and conditions see right hand side.

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