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Your pictures: Gloucestershire flooding

Photo by Graham Atkinson

Graham Atkinson: "Bredon Road in Tewkesbury where it crosses the normally peaceful Carrant Brook. Apparently one of the walls of the bridge has collapsed."

Photo by: Jason Seaward

Jason Seaward: "The centre of Moreton-in-Marsh lives up to its name. It is currently full of holiday-makers and stranded travellers who cannot get out."

Photo by Charles Lyne

Charles Lyne sent this picture of Milton Street in Fairford.

Photo by Charles Lyne

Charles Lyne: "Many local businesses are badly hit by the water flowing through the town."

Photo: Dom Stringer

Chipping Campden High Street is also feeling the effects of the torrential rain. Photo: Dom Stringer

Photo by C. Hancox

C. Hancox sent this image of the main road in Tewkesbury: "In places it is waist deep!"

Photo by Paul Sutton

The Gloucester northern by-pass on Friday. Photo taken by Paul Sutton.

Photo by Marc Lane.

A water-logged supermarket car park in Tewkesbury. Photo taken by Marc Lane.

Phtoto by Kelly Portman

Kelly Portman says that many Tewkesbury residents spent Friday night in council offices and churches.

Phtoto by Kelly Portman

Rising waters in Tewkesbury: "Helicopters have been circling all night after shouts for help were heard at around 02:15."

Photo by Martin Dale

Martin Dale took this photo on Saturday, at the entrance to Tewkesbury. Send your images to: yourpics@bbc.co.uk. For terms and conditions see right hand side.

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