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NY steam explosion: Your pictures

NY steam explosion, cityscape. Photo sent in by Andy Millard.

BBC website readers have been sending in their photos of Wednesday's steampipe explosion in New York. Andy Millard took this photo from his apartment.

NY steam explosion, an overview. Photo sent in by Richard Hurring.

Another overview, including the famous Chrysler Building to the right of the plume of steam. Taken from a hotel on 34th Street, looking north. Photo: Richard Hurring.

NY steam explosion, from 42nd Street. Photo sent in by Elliot Green.

Looking up from 42nd Street. "The roar and rumbling noise was tremendous." Photo: Elliot Green.

NY steam explosion, crowds on the street. Photo sent by a BBC News website reader

A BBC News website reader sent this photo of crowds watching the incident.

The streets of Midtown Manhattan. Photo sent in by Andrew Hepburn

Andrew Hepburn: "There was a thunderous eruption noise, and then a wall of dust. People came running out of the streets covered in debris ...

Crowds throng the street. Photo sent in by Andrew Hepburn

Initially it was sheer panic, people running in every direction, people shouting about a explosion and some about a bomb. But it didn't take long for the emergency services to arrive ...

Crowds throng the street. Photo sent in by Andrew Hepburn

You could make out cars that had slewed across the street and been abandoned, and cars up to two blocks away had a film of dust."

A view from street level. Photo sent in by Jigme Tenzing

A view from street level. Photo: Jigme Tenzing.

NY steam explosion, street view. Photo sent in by Rachel Clarke

Another view from Manhattan's streets. Photo: Rachel Clarke. Photos were sent in to yourpics@bbc.co.uk. For terms and conditions, see the link in the right-hand panel.

Terms and Conditions for sending pictures
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