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In pictures: Brazil plane crash

Firefighters work at the site where a Tam Airlines Airbus 320 crashed

Rescue workers and crash investigators are searching the wreckage of an Airbus 320 Brazilian passenger jet that crashed in flames at Sao Paulo airport.

Smoking remains of the crash site

Some 200 people are feared dead after the plane overshot a runway and crashed on landing.

Wreckage of the TAM airlines Airbus A320

The TAM airlines Flight 3054 slid off the end of the runway at Congonhas airport as it landed in wet conditions, skidded across a road and then crashed into a fuel and cargo depot.

Firefighters remove bodies from the crash site

The state governor said none of the 186 people on board the plane could have survived, and a number of people on the ground also died.

Firefighters tackle the blaze near Congonhas airport

The depot was busy with airport workers, some of whom had to jump out of windows. Three are confirmed dead, five others are missing.

View of the blaze from a nearby district of Sao Paulo

Witnesses spoke of motorists being killed in their cars on a busy road.

Police make a security perimeter around the buildings set on fire by the plane

The airliner's data recorder has been recovered, and will be examined by investigators.

Emergency services near Congonhas airport

President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva declared three days of mourning for the victims.

Relatives of passengers demand information

Congonhas airport is notorious for its short and often slippery runway, and its proximity to the city centre.

Rescue workers stand at the site where the TAM airlines jet crashed in Sao Paulo

Among others, the investigation is to look into the condition of the recently resurfaced runway, concerns about which had been the subject of court decisions.

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