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Life in pictures: Kurt Waldheim

Kurt Waldheim, second from left, at a meeting on 22 May 1943, at an airstrip in Podgorica

The career of Kurt Waldheim, who headed the United Nations for 10 years, was overshadowed by claims over his alleged Nazi past.

Kurt Waldheim (far right) in December 1944

In 1986, the World Jewish Congress said he belonged to a German army unit that committed atrocities in the Balkans.

This is the last of the 202-page report bearing the names of the seven commission members

Copies of the report of an international commission of historians on the World War II activities of Waldheim were made public in 1988.

Stanislaw Trepczynski, the new president of the United Nations is greeted by Kurt Waldheim, before taking his seat at the presidential rostrum, 1972

Before the controversy over his past, Kurt Waldheim pursued a distinguished diplomatic career, culminating in 10 years as UN Secretary General, a post he was elected to in 1971.

The garlanded President Marcos of the Philippines and Kurt Waldheim have a quiet word on the occasion of the UNCTAD IV Conference in Nairobi

The war in Vietnam and the continuing tension between Israel and its Arab neighbours were high on his agenda at the beginning of his UN tenure.

Fidel Castro talks with Kurt Waldheim in Waldheim's UN office in New York, 12 October 1979

He was re-elected to a second five-year term in 1976.

Waldheim with Pope John Paul II in the papal library during a private audience at the Vatican, 25 June 1987

The allegations over his past arose shortly after his nomination for the role of Austrian president, but many did not believe the accusations and he was elected in 1986.

Kurt Waldheim and his wife Elisabeth cast their votes in the Austrian presidential elections, 26 April 1992

After his election, Waldheim found himself ostracised by all but a handful of countries.

Waldheim and his wife Elisabeth attend a concert at Vienna's Hofburg palace, in Vienna, 2005

Waldheim said his accusers had lied and faked evidence.

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