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The 1980s through a lens

Russ in 1984, 1988 and 2007

The changing faces of Russ W from Essex - in 1984 at the Pink Toothbrush in Rayleigh, in 1988 after a Psychic TV concert in Manchester, and today. "What a worry-free time."

London Central Mosque, 1986

Thariq Haja (left) and his cousin Akram, both two, outside London Central Mosque in 1986. Thariq says the mosque stands as a testimony to multiculturalism and tolerance.

Lorna Wood, 1984

"My friend Phil Lihou and I at the Blue Lagoon Lido, Portsmouth in 1984, when we were Portsmouth College of Art students. Happy days!" says Lorna Wood.

Alistair Harrison, 1987

Alistair Harrison graduating from the University of East Anglia in 1987. "The hair had been toned down for the ceremony but regained alarming bigness by the end of the decade."

Kathy Turner and sister, 1987

"My twin sister and I playing in around 1987 - we didn't have a computer or any games console then so most of our time was spent playing on our plastic slide!" says Kathy Turner.

Michelle Price

Michelle Price and her father in 1980 outside her gran's house on the Isle of Sheppey, where she still lives now. Her father grew up in the house but her memories are now vague.

Chris Smith, 1986

Chris Smith (left) with a friend in the student union bar at the Polytechnic of Wales in Pontypridd, 1986.

Lands End, 1980

Xenia Koppen, six, and her brother Tyne, 11, in Lands End in 1980. On a day out for their father's birthday, the children's names were put on the signpost.

Alan Burke

"This is a promo shot for a band I was in," says Alan Burke. "I wanted to make an impression. I took myself far too seriously." The inset is of Alan now - he'll be 42 on Sunday.

Richard Wainman, 1989

"Getting my first car in Carleton, Lancashire, in 1989. The photo was taken with a good old AGFA - they don't make them like that anymore!" says Richard Wainman from Carlisle.

Student house party in Cambridge, 1988

Student house party in Cambridge, 1988, submitted by one of the party hosts, Jo Garton.

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