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In pictures: Mungiki clashes

Policeman enters Mathare slum

Kenyan police and paramilitary units are conducting a major crackdown on the illegal Mungiki sect in a slum in the capital city, Nairobi.

Undercover policeman with a gun

Mathare slum has been sealed off for a third day while they search for guns and sect members.

Dog to attack people fleeing

Armed police set their dogs on residents who fled while they conducted house-to-house searches.

Police bundle suspects into a truck

And dozens of youths and women suspected to be members or sympathisers were bundled into police trucks and driven to police stations across Nairobi.

Policemen ordering people to lie on the ground

Police forced local people to lie on the ground as they made arrests and said they had shot dead at least 12 people on Thursday...

People crying outside Nairobi mortuary

...after at least 21 suspected sect members were killed by police earlier this week.

People react are police find a beheaded body

The operation follows the discovery of several beheaded corpses in the Mathare slum and elsewhere in the country - blamed on Mungiki members.

People carrying a body

Some of those brutally killed have included policemen.

Policeman talking to Mathare resident

The slum is seen as a stronghold of the Mungiki, a sect formed by ethnic Kikuyus, which runs protection rackets and claims links to top politicians.

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