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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 June 2007, 20:38 GMT 21:38 UK
In pictures: Anti-G8 protests

Anti-G8 protestors practice yoga during a demonstration near Heiligendamm

Thousands of anti-globalisation activists, left-wing groups, students and anarchists have gathered in northern Germany to demonstrate outside the G8 summit.

German riot police march in rows as anti-G8 activists block roads

Some 16,000 police have been deployed near the seaside resort of Heiligendamm, where the leaders of the eight top industrialised nations are meeting.

Anti-G8 protesters block a road near the summit

The protesters have attempted to cut off all ground access to the summit.

An anti-G8 protestor blows bubbles in front of a line of riot police

The broad range of groups rallying at the summit say they have one overarching common interest - social justice.

Riot police arrest an activist as they block a street

The main protest planned for Thursday was cancelled after being banned, but some clashes continued.

Activists of the anti-G8 forum. "Block G8" are hit by police water cannon

Police also used water cannon to disperse stubborn protesters.

An injured anti-G8 activist is helped away by police from a blocked road

A number of protesters and policemen have been injured in ongoing clashes over the past two days.

Police tow a Greenpeace boat off the coast of Kuehlungsborn

Two Greenpeace boats failed to break through a Baltic Sea cordon as they tried to deliver a message to G8 leaders.


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