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Your pictures: Cyclone hits Oman

Image sent by a BBC News website user in Oman

Tropical Cyclone Gonu has reached the Gulf state of Oman. BBC News website user, David, sent this one from Sur, where he lives in a compound outside town.

Cars submerged in Muscat

Floodwaters pour through a street in the Azaiba district of Muscat. Picture sent by Deepal.

Palm tree buffeted in the cyclone

David Gallagher photographed Cyclone Gonu buffeting this palm tree outside his hotel in Muscat. Gonu is the Maldives word for a bag made of palm fronds.

Flooded street in Muscat

Strong winds and heavy rain have turned the deserted streets of Muscat into rivers. Picture from Haider Naqvi.

A road sunk under floodwater

Ali al-Khaburi sent us this photo of a car submerged in a flooded motorway in the al-Khuwair district of Muscat.

Submerged car

Bilal Osman photographed the same car from a different angle.

A building being torn apart in Muscat

High winds rip the roof off this building in Muscat's central business district. Picture by Rajesh Burman.

Four-wheel drive cars battling the cyclone

The cyclone has halted exports of oil and gas from Oman for two days. Photograph: Rajesh Burman

A broken up road in Oman.

Some of the destruction caused by Cyclone Gonu. This picture of a broken up road was sent in by David Dennison.

Workmen clear up some of the debris created by Cyclone Gonu

Sabarinath sent us this picture of workmen clearing up some of the debris left by Cyclone Gonu.

Cars damaged by Cyclone Gonu

Cars piled up after Cyclone Gonu hit Muscat. Picture taken by Rajesh Rajan

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