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In Pictures: 30 Years of Punk art

Jamie Reid - God Save The Queen

The Barbican Art Gallery is celebrating 30 years since the release of The Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen with an exhibition of art from the punk era.

Robert Mapplethorpe - Patti Smith

Patti Smith's stripped-back 1975 album Horses is often cited as an influence on punk. The cover, shot by Robert Mapplethorpe, forms part of the exhibition.

Derek Jarman - Jordan's Dance

Derek Jarman's short film Jordan's Dance, features punk icon Jordan. A regular at early Sex Pistols shows, she also worked in Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's shop, Sex.

Tony Cragg - Policeman

Turner Prize-winner Tony Cragg came to prominence during the punk era. His sculptures, made from found materials like plastic bottles, reflect the do-it-yourself aesthetic of punk.

Robert Longo - Untitled (Joe)

Robert Longo's brash and eye-catching Men In The Cities series showed smartly-dressed men in a state of trauma and collapse.

Cindy Sherman - Untitled Film Still #5

Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Still #5 is one of a series of fanzine-style pictures in which Sherman imagines herself as a B-movie actress.

Nan Goldin - Greer and Robert in the bed

Nan Goldin's slideshow, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, captured the substance abuse and sexual ambiguity of New York's post-punk scene.

John Stezaker - Eros VII

Many artists turned to the imagery of urban decay, including John Stezaker, who created a series of surreal collages using postcards of Piccadilly Circus.

Peter Hujar - Candy Darling on Her Deathbed

The Panic Attacks! exhibition runs from 5 June to 9 September, and includes Peter Hujar's iconic portrait of Warhol Factory superstar Candy Darling on her deathbed.

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