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In pictures: G8 protests

Protesters march through Rostock

Tens of thousands of people have massed in the German city of Rostock to protest ahead of the G8 summit being held nearby next week.

Protesters in front of their banner

The large crowd included many from anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation groups.

Protesters walk past a mural showing US President George W Bush and German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The streets of Rostock were transformed for the march, thought to be the largest gathering in the city's history.

Black-clad protesters in Rostock

But not all the protesters were quite so colourful. Many wore an all-black uniform to avoid easy identification by police in case trouble flared.

Protesters line up near riot police

Some 13,000 police were out on the streets to oversee the proceedings.

Protester throwing bottle

Though most protesters moved peacefully through the city, by mid-afternoon violence had flared on the march's fringes.

Police follow a protester on the streets of Rostock

Police said they came under "massive assault" by a small group of protesters. The authorities had warned of attacks by radical left-wing groups.

Police standing near broken pavement

Violent protesters broke up paving stones and dug up cobble stones to use as missiles.

Protesters shrouded by smoke

Vehicles were overturned and torched, sending a black pall of smoke over the area.

Police using spray on protesters

Police used chemical sprays to try to disperse the crowd. Later tear gas and water cannon were used to drive the trouble-makers back.

Violent clashes at German rally
02 Jun 07 |  Europe

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