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Philippa Lawrence's Bound project

'Bound' tree (picture courtesy of National Botanic Garden of Wales)

The first tree in the National Botanic Garden of Wales was completed in 2003 and its popularity prompted Ms Lawrence to hit the road and search for similar trees.

Anglesey trees PICTURE Jason Ingram

These three trees, covered in camoflage cotton, could be found in Anglesey in 2004. The work to cover them would often leave Ms Lawrence bruised and grazed.

Cardiganshire tree PICTURE Jason Ingram

Ms Lawrence used a cherry picker ladder to bind the trunk and branches by hand and could spend up to five days wrapping a single tree.

Denbighshire tree PICTURE Alex Ramsay

Ms Lawrence's first tree was inspired by Japanese wrapping aesthetics. This old oak was transformed by yellow cotton in 2004.

Mongomeryshire tree PICTURE Jason Ingram

The artist left the bark on this tree uncovered by orange cotton. Ms Lawrence said that she wanted to create pieces which celebrated the land.

Radnorshire tree PICTURE Alex Ramsay

Ms Lawrence said she was amazed by the response to the work. Regular comments included "joy" and "uplifting of spirit".

Glamorganshire tree PICTURE Alex Ramsay

This striking old tree in Old St Mellons, Cardiff, could be seen by motorists as they drove down the busy A48.

Brecknockshire tree PICTURE Alex Ramsay

The artist's work has been compared by passers-by to antlers, fungi and lightning. In the exhibition these images have been enlarged to two metres high.

Monmouthshire trees PICTURE Jason Ingram

Ms Lawrence considered the landscape before chosing the colour of the cloth for the trees. The pieces of cloth were end of lines from factories.

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