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In Pictures: Europe's threatened mammals

Iberian lynx   Image: AP

A report shows that nearly one in six mammal species in Europe is threatened with extinction. The Iberian lynx, found in Spain and Portugal, is the continent's most endangered cat.

Mediterranean monk seal   Image: Ifaw

The lynx, along with the Mediterranean monk seal (above) are classified as "critically endangered" in the report by the IUCN (the World Conservation Union).

European mink   Image: Tiit Maran

European mink suffers from competition with its bigger American relative. American mink have escaped from fur farms or have been deliberately released by animal rights activists.

European bison   Image: AFP/Getty

The bison is the heaviest land animal native to Europe. Also called a wisent, it once roamed from southern England to Russia. But hunting eradicated many populations.

Arctic fox   Image: Olav Strand

The Arctic fox has suffered from trapping for its coveted fur. Despite 75 years of protection, populations in Finland and Scandinavia are still at risk of extinction.

Alpine ibex  Image: Ultimate Ungulate Images - B. Huffman

The Alpine ibex was brought close to extinction in the 19th Century by hunting. It is now making a full recovery thanks to conservation efforts and re-introductions.

Polar bear, PA

Polar bears look set to become a high-profile casualty of global warming. The melting of Arctic ice cover makes it harder for them to gain access to their staple diet of seals.

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