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In pictures: Lebanon battles

A Lebanese soldier aims a rocket-propelled grenade, Tripoli

Dozens of people have been killed in fierce fighting between Lebanese troops and a radical Islamic group around the city of Tripoli, in northern Lebanon.

Smoke rises from the Nahr el-Bared camp, Tripoli

After a morning raid against a building used by the militants, the group - Fatah al-Islam - attacked Lebanese troops near a Palestinian refugee camp.

Red Cross volunteers help a wounded Lebanese soldier

At least 13 Lebanese soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Lebanese tank in Tripoli

The attack by Fatah al-Islam, a Palestinian splinter group alleged to have links to al-Qaeda, led to a response by the military.

Lebanese troops prepare for an assault in Tripoli

Troops gathered in Tripoli for an assault on a building used as a base by Fatah al-Islam fighters.

Lebanese troops on their way into a building, Tripoli

The troops then stormed into the buildings, exchanging fire with the militants but taking significant casualties as well.

Lebanese troops arrest a suspected militant

Some suspected fighters were arrested but the continuing fighting was among the worst civil violence in Lebanon in recent years.

Civilians watch the fighting on the streets of Tripoli

The fighting brought curious civilians out onto the streets to watch as the battle unfolded around them.

Lebanese troops battle militants
20 May 07 |  Middle East

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