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In pictures: Pope names Brazil saint

Believers gather for an open-air Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass before a crowd of a million people in Sao Paulo, at which he canonised Brazil's first native-born saint.

Hundreds of thousands of believers at Sao Paulo's Campo de Marte airfield

The faithful, gathered from across Latin America, cheered and waved images of the Pope at Sao Paulo's Campo de Marte airfield. Many had spent the night there.

Pope Benedict XVI celebrates the open-air Mass in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The 80-year-old pontiff announced the sainthood from a wooden throne flanked by bishops and choirs, and overlooked by a giant wooden crucifix.

Archbishops stand in front of a painting of the Brazilian saint, Friar Galvao

The new saint, the 18th Century Franciscan monk, Friar Antonio Galvao, founded monasteries and convents throughout the country.

The Pope kisses the altar during an open-air Mass in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Pope lauded Friar Galvao as a model of rectitude and humility and criticised sectors of the global media which he said glorified promiscuous sex and hedonism.

Pope Benedict XVI gives the host to Enzo, a Brazilian boy that received a miracle from Friar Galvao

He then invited to the altar a mother and her seven-year-old son, whose birth is considered to be one of the two miracles attributed to the newly declared saint.

Pope Benedict XVI waves from the "popemobile"

Correspondents say the Church in Brazil hopes the Pope's visit and the canonisation will help reinvigorate the local church, which has lost millions of faithful to evangelical churches.

Pope creates Brazil's first saint
11 May 07 |  Americas

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