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Kirkuk photo album

Kirkuk at sunset

Peshrew Shwani is a Kurdish journalist in Kirkuk. He and his friend, Salar Ardalani, sent in snapshots of their home town. This is the Kirkuk skyline at sunset.

girls on the streets of Kirkuk

Young girls heading to the shops in a Kurdish area of Kirkuk.

The youth of Kirkuk

Peshrew points out there isn't a lot for young people to do in Kirkuk.

Kirkuk's River Khasa

Boys diving into the River Khasa, just outside Kirkuk.

Kirkuk castle

Peshrew says Saddam Hussein's forces used Kirkuk Castle, a symbol of Kurdish history, as a military base from which they controlled the area.

Kurdish turkey

A turkey on a farm outside Kirkuk. The turkey is a popular bird on Kirkuk dinner tables, especially in winter.

Former Iraqi army tank, painted by children

A broken down Iraqi army tank that children have painted on as a colourful protests against war. It sits in the middle of the road from Kirkuk to Suleimaniya.

Beauty spot

A local beauty spot, Chami Razan, in the mountains in Kirkuk province. People visit for picnics.

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