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In pictures: John Prescott

John Prescott and Tony Blair in 1997

John Prescott has been deputy leader of the Labour Party since 1994, when Tony Blair became leader. Perhaps their finest moment was the 1997 general election victory.

John Prescott holding crab in jar

In summer 1997, Mr Prescott, named deputy prime minister to Mr Blair, showed his dislike of Cabinet minister Peter Mandelson by addressing a crab in a jar by the name "Peter".

John Prescott on bus

Mr Prescott was given his own so-called "super-department" by Mr Blair, dealing with transport, the regions and the environment.

John Prescott at Labour conference in Bournemouth, 1999

Mockingly known as "Two Jags" in the tabloids, Mr Prescott was driven the few hundred yards from his hotel to Labour's conference in Bournemouth in 1999 for security reasons.

John Prescott in fracas

During the 2001 general election campaign, Mr Prescott punched a farm worker who had thrown an egg at him. Afterwards, Tony Blair famously said: "John is John."

John Prescott, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown

Peacemaker: Mr Prescott has often been seen as a broker in disputes between Mr Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown.

John Prescott and (back right) Tracey Temple

Mr Prescott apologised to the Labour Party after his affair with secretary Tracey Temple (back right) was exposed.

John Prescott and aides playing croquet

Hammer blow: Mr Prescott was photographed playing croquet at his country home Dorneywood while running the country last year in Mr Blair's absence.

John Prescott

Mr Prescott eventually lost his departmental responsibilities but remained deputy prime minister. After saying he would leave office with Mr Blair, he declared himself "demob happy".

The Blairs and the Prescotts

After 10 years in government, Mr Blair and Mr Prescott are to return to the Labour backbenches.

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