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In pictures: Cameroon crash scene

Rescuers at the crash site in Mbanga Pongo, Cameroon

It took about 36 hours to find the wreckage of the Kenyan Airways plane which crashed in the swamps near the Cameroonian coastal city of Douala on Saturday.

Volunteers search in a swamp after finding the nose of the plane in Mbanga Pongo

The Boeing 737-800 disintegrated on impact, with officials saying there were no signs that any of the 114 passengers and crew could have survived.

Rescuers at the crash scene

Jet fuel fumes and the smell of decaying bodies hang over the crash site. The plane came down shortly after taking off from Douala en route to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Cameroon Red Cross rescuers carry a body

The grisly task of removing bodies and body parts from the mangroves is now under way.

Villagers near the crash site

Earlier, local villagers helped to clear a path through the mangroves using machetes after they located the crash site. Heavy rain on Saturday delayed the search.

Relative in Kenya

Any hopes the anguished relatives of those on board the aircraft had are now fading fast.

Praying in Nairobi

Kenyans held a prayer service on Sunday in Nairobi. The plane was just six months old. The passengers came from at least 23 countries.

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