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In pictures: Portraying Tony Blair

Rory Bremner/ Channel 4

The past decade has seen many portrayals of outgoing Prime Minister Tony Blair on film and TV. Comic Rory Bremner was among the first to play him in his Channel 4 satire shows.

Les Guignols/ Canal Plus

Spitting Image was dropped before Mr Blair became prime minister. But French puppet series Les Guignols de l'info has its own latex version of him.

Michael Sheen in The Queen/ Granada

Michael Sheen first played Mr Blair in 2003 TV film The Deal, about his relationship with Gordon Brown. He reprised the role for the Oscar-winning movie The Queen.

Robert Lindsay in The Trial of Tony Blair/ Channel 4

Channel 4's The Trial of Tony Blair saw the PM at the centre of a war crimes investigation. Robert Lindsay took the title role in this and A Very Social Secretary.

Anthony Head and David Walliams in Little Britain/ BBC

Tony Blair has also inspired other depictions of life at Number 10. Anthony Head displayed familiar mannerisms in Little Britain, alongside adoring aide Sebastian (David Walliams).

Tony Blair and Catherine Tate/ Comic Relief Ltd

But Mr Blair was also happy to send himself up - starring in a Red Nose Day sketch with Catherine Tate just weeks before his resignation. (Photo: Paul Randall / Comic Relief Ltd)


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