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In pictures: Calcutta's battle with pollution

Taxi belches out smoke

Calcutta's ubiquitous taxis are responsible for much of the city's air pollution, and many have yet to make the change over to more environmentally fuels. (Picture by Amit Kar)

Calcutta street scene

Much of the city's population of 18m people cannot escape traffic jams in which vehicles like this belch out smoke.

Man exercises in Calcutta

Because Calcutta is often swathed in smog, people who take exercise are often more at risk of suffering some form of respiratory complaint .

Taxi and rickshaw in Calcutta

A shortage of public transport often results in people using pollution-emitting auto rickshaws and taxis, which often compete for road space.

Street market in Calcutta

People who work in the open air - such as these street sellers - are thought to be especially at risk from air pollution, along with rickshaw pullers and policemen.

Child in Calcutta

Poor air quality is bad news for children of the city, and critics say that government inaction over the issue only makes matters worse for youngsters who live close to main roads.

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