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In pictures: Somalis adrift

Two children and their mother after fleeing Mogadishu under a tree near Afgooye

These two disabled children lost their father in the recent fighting in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu. They have left a camp in the city to one near Afgooye, 30km west.

Orphans who fled Mogadishu to Ceelasha Biyaha

Thousands, including these orphans, have descended on towns outside the capital - fleeing battles between insurgents and Ethiopian-backed troops, looking for shelter and food.

A widow is given money to feed her children in Ceelasha Biyaha

In Ceelasha Biyaha, 20km from Mogadishu, a woman's group distributes aid. This woman, who lost her husband in the violence, is given cash to help look after her five children.

A displaced family in Lafoole area

This family, 22km from Mogadishu in Lafoole, are living in the open air as they cannot find shelter. There are reports that some families are being charged for shaded areas.

Children wait for aid at a displacement camp

Aid agencies are having difficulties delivering food because of insecurity. Here, at Elasha camp, a displaced boy and his brother wait for trucks to arrive...

WFP aid trucks

... Last week, the UN estimated aid was only reaching 60,000 people out of the 365,000 displaced.

A man returns to Mogadishu with his belongings on a donkey cart

This week, some are tentatively returning to Mogadishu after 10 days of fighting, which was the worst the battle-scarred city experienced in 16 years of war.

School girls in Mogadishu return to class

These school girls went back to class on Monday as African Union peacekeepers began patrolling the streets.


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